Engagement and Adherence

Pharmacotherapy challenges in patients with first-episode psychosis

Amal Abdel-Baki, Clairélaine Ouellet-Plamondon, and Ashok Malla

Factors influencing adherence can be categorized into four groups: (1) environment-related, (2) patient-related, (3) medication-related, and (4) illness-related. This paper will review the factors associated with adherence and discuss solutions to optimize engagement, adherence to medication, and treatment in order to prevent relapse.

Roisin Doyle, Niall Turner, Felicity Fanning, Daria Brennan, Laoise Renwick, Elizabeth Lawlor, and Mary Clarke

This review examined rates and definitions of disengagement
among services for FEP and identified the most relevant demographic and clinical predictors of disengagement.