Individual Placement and Support


Signaling Success: Boosting Teen Employment Prospects

Paul Harrington, Nancy Snyder, Anne Berrigan, and Laura Knoll

This study aims to understand why the job market fortunes of teens have declined and attempts to develop a set of remedies that have the potential for improving the ability of teens - both in school and out of school - to find unsubsidized private-sector jobs that help improve their long-term employment and earnings experiences.

This is a qualitative study incorporating in-depth interviews with 17 top-performing staff of a highly successful national program, The Marriott Foundation’s Bridges From School to Work.

IPS has good potential to address the problem of vocational outcome in people with FEP. This has economic, social and health implications.

Adapting Supported Employment for Emerging Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions

Marsha Ellison, Vanessa Klodnick, Gary Bond, Izabela Krzos, Susan Kaiser, Marc Fagan, and Maryann Davis

This open trial feasibility study tracked the IPS model's development, recruitment, and retention and tracked vocational and educational outcomes for 12 months. Model refinement resulted in the development of a separate educational specialist position, greater integration of the peer mentor with the vocational team, and further specification of the role of peer mentor.