Larry Seidman, PhD

We fondly remember Dr. Seidman, whose career contributions were instrumental in moving the early intervention movement forward in the United States. Dr. Seidman was Professor of Psychology in the BIDMC Department of Psychiatry and was involved in early psychosis research and treatment from 1980 until his death in 2017. From 1980-1983, he was Associate Project Director of the "Inter-Hospital Study of Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia", a psychotherapy intervention for individuals with less than 4 years of psychotic illness at Boston University and McLean Hospital. He was subsequently involved with NIMH funded studies of the neuropsychology of early schizophrenia and in clinical drug trials in FEP. As Director of the Commonwealth Research Center of Excellence beginning in 2002, he provided conceptual and administrative support for the development of the PREP® program and was Principal Investigator of grants that built the CEDAR high-risk program until it was funded by Massachusetts Department of Mental Health. Dr. Seidman cared deeply about the goal of expanding and improving care for individuals and families struggling with FEP.